It’s only fiction until it happens…

“I read lots of books that, as I get to the end, I start thinking about what I’m going to read next. I like to write stories that, when you finish them, the story hangs around for a while…it follows you through the next day and keeps pestering you…haunting you…making you think. My stories are fiction, but they are based on very real things…things that do exist…that could happen…or have happened but no one wants to talk about them. I try to write just good stories, but also try to spark some serious thinking…it seems to me we could use more of that.”


The Emily Graham Adventures…

Book 1

Agent Emily Graham finds herself thrust into the role of leading the pursuit of the terrorists. Her journey leads to dead ends and dead witnesses. She discovers her trust in her team-members is wrong, the terrorists are not who they say they are, and that the people who actually initiated the attack don’t even exist.

About Disruption

Book 2

Once again, Agent Emily Graham finds herself in the role of having to uncover the truth of what is happening, who is behind it, and how to stop it. And once again, she discovers that, sometimes, what you see and hear is not reality.

It is just…Distraction!

About Distraction

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